Contrary to popular belief the travel trade i.e. consultants continues to thrive and prosper. Yet the travel trade marketplace is continually evolving. As the neighborhood travel agents now works from home-offices, the larger entities continue to expand acquiring their smaller competitors. The line between the home-based agent and the front-line corporate agent continues to blur. Niche travel consultants are beginning to dominate the landscape from Adventure to Honeymoon, from Cultural to Alternate Lifestyle. Travel consortiums continue to expand providing additional direct marketing opportunities to influence travel consultants and thus their clients. We consider the travel trade marketplace to be a de-facto sales force for our clients.

Consumer Trade Hotel Representation

  • Bridal/ Weddings
  • Honeymoons
  • Adventure
  • Culinary
  • GLBT
  • Multi-Generational
  • Physically Challenged
  • Sports

Travel Trade Hotel Representation

  • NY Times Travel
  • Boston Globe Travel
  • CHA Marketplace
  • Travel Mart
  • Tianguis
  • Luxury Travel Exchange and Expo
  • Travel Agent Consortiums