(M > ROI+) Maximizing your Return on Investment

The above calculation is the fundamental guidance of the principals and associates of Hotel Revenue Management Consultants (HRMC).

The focus of HRMC is on E-Commerce distribution. Long gone are the days of loading rates and availability into the GDS. Today’s hyper-competitive distribution choices coupled with the finest yield-management practices allows clients of HRMC to achieve high REVPAR utilizing our proprietary cost enhancement and cutting edge tactics to achieve overall improvement in your ROI.

Our consortium of experienced hospitality professionals in nexus with our client’s individual wishes will fabricate the highest and best revenue generation modeling based on each property’s uniqueness including but not limited to services offered, number of rooms (from 5-299), branding and existing and desired marketing initiatives.

Our statisticians on minimum retainer provide clients with:

  • A Weekly Revenue Strategy Meeting focused on increasing your ROI and ultimately your revenue while considering present and future objectives.
  • Individualized Reports to track and forecast trends by market segment based on multiple parameters chosen based on discussion with principals and management.
  • Value Assessment both present and future forecasting.
  • Displacement Analysis
  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Annual Budgeting and Revenue Forecasting

Additional services and reports available include but are not limited to:

  • Market Segmentation
  • Historical Demand and Booking Patterns
  • Demand Forecast and Displacement Analysis
  • Pricing and Inventory Management
  • Overbooking
  • Information Systems

Concerning Key Performance Indicators, HRMC will provide upon consultation and based on actual operations:

  • REVPAR – Room Revenue per available Room
  • TREVPAR – Total Revenue per available Room
  • TREVPEC – Total Revenue per Client
  • GOPPAR – Gross Operating Profit per available rooms
  • REVPAM – Conference and Banqueting Revenue per available Square Meters
  • REVPASH – Food & Beverage Revenue per available seats and hour (per F&B outlet)

The goal of HRMC is to strategically maximize your property’s exposure across all online distribution channels while retaining the branding and reputation and protecting the intrinsic value associated with these non-tangibles.

  • Increased room revenues
  • Increase occupancy
  • Appropriated budget allocation coupled with market share

We will identify marketing channels and opportunities to showcase your product to not only attract new clients yet also to reinforce your reputation and desirability with existing clients, your strongest and most cost-effective sales force.

If requested, Hotel RMC will supervise relationships with third party vendors to promote your property and obtain a favorable placement oriented to your targeted audience. We desire that our clients receive the highest return on their investment by increasing revenues, identifying cost-savings and always improving the customer service experience to insure longevity and continued revenue appreciation

Our consultants upon request will assist and identify growth opportunities

– Hotel RMC –