Hotel/Resort Management

As any experienced hotelier as well as guest knows; it does not matter whether the physical is a 5-room boutique lodge or a 1,000+ unit resort with grounds spread over 100’s of acres, the property is only as good as its management and operations. As experienced consultants concerning hotel/resort operations, at Hotel RMC we truly believe while a staff may be taught and trained; those who exhibit the exemplary service and excel are those who possess what we call the “DNA Of Service” in their genes. These are employees, staff, management and executives who place client-centric service as their paramount concern. To these men and women, no matter the task or duties, their enthusiasm to provide exemplary service is beyond standard human nature. These are the 1% that will truly and faithfully work and represent your property to its fullest potential leading to guest’s satisfaction and revenue generation.


Hotel Operations

The pulse of any physical plant is hotel operations, seriously plain and simple. Marketing and branding experts would make us believe it is the structure, its design, its amenities, its location that matter. Yes, the real-estate axiom; Location, Location, Location is as important as ever, yet without professional Hotel Operations, the doors should be shut. At HotelRMC as experienced hospitality and tourism experts we too internally have our favorite operators and resorts. Collectively we all use The Four Seasons as an example a service oriented culture. The company born out of a motel in a working-class area of Toronto has become the pinnacle of hotel/resort managers. The chain does not even own one hotel or resort having understood many years ago the advantages of management sans physical ownership. Yet surveys from around the world consistently rank The Four Seasons as the pinnacle of hotels and resorts. While not every property can be a Four Seasons (and nor should they), the principals concerning operations and management while considering each client’s unique parameters; the consultants of HotelRMC can facilitate and upgrade our clients to the pinnacle of Hotel Operations to increase guest satisfaction and the owner’s bottom line in the process.


Once the correct staff has been hired, no matter the title from Regional or General Manager to Valet and F&B Busser; training is an integral facet for success and an aspect of Hotel Operations which runs 24/7.  While some suggest training can begin and end, we believe it is a continual process. From experience we have come across phenomenal managers who started as valet staff years prior. Through education and training, they literally moved up the ladder. We have also witnessed graduates of the finest hotel management programs advise when seeing a food service tray in a hallway advise “that’s not my job, let HK or F&B deal with it”. The reality is your staff have to be chosen correctly; all should possess the DNA of Service, then and only then can one be trained for tasks while always retaining the enthusiasm and desire to exemplify that their actions not only represent the pinnacle of their abilities on a daily basis but also represent their employer when in and out of uniform.


Human Resources

Human Resources are one of the most difficult tasks within Hotel/Resort Operations. The HR department beyond the regulatory environment i.e. paperwork, insurance, workman’s compensation, benefits and so forth is also tasked with securing and enabling the correct applicant for the position available. While we understand the military induced hierarchy concerning hiring via a chain-of-command, we also respect the insights and non-tangible cues offered by an experienced HR professional. At HotelRMC we view HR staff as the true gatekeeper, one whose duty is to protect the assets at all times through their experience and senses as a good hiring practices and low-turnover provides a continuity of service and cost-savings, all effecting the bottom line.